Best Low Light Rangefinder

Best Low Light Rangefinder
Best Low Light Rangefinder (Image: © Review Binoculars)

If you love to hunt at dawn or dusk when the game tends to emerge from the cover of darkness, then you’ll need one of the best rangefinders for low light conditions on the market. While traditional rangefinders that use natural light work fine during most of the day, they have trouble making out details in low light settings. If you’re willing to know, we’ve rounded up the best low light rangefinders with top-notch optics and innovative features that let you dial in your target even when it’s hard to see.

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Best Low Light Rangefinder Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best High Power Low Light Rangefinder Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders See on Amazon
Best Low Light Laser Rangefinder Astra Optix Laser rangefinder Astra Optix Laser rangefinder See on Amazon
Best Budget Low Light Rangefinder Leupold RX-FullDraw Leupold RX-FullDraw See on Amazon
Best Low Light Hunting Rangefinder Sig Sauer Laser Rangefinder Sig Sauer Laser Rangefinder See on Amazon
Best Bushnell Low Light Rangefinder Bushnell 6x24mm Rangefinder Bushnell 6x24mm Rangefinder See on Amazon

Best Low Light Rangefinder At a Glance:

Best Low Light Rangefinder Reviews

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders (Image credit: Amazon)

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

Best High Power Low Light Rangefinder

Vortex Optics Laser Rangefinder is a low light rangefinder. It has a high-quality, waterproof design. It is made of composite material and black with a sport type of all sports. This model features a laser that provides accurate readings up to1800 yards. The battery is included in the unit, which provides maximum performance.

The integrated lens covers are fully multicoated for maximum light transmission in low light conditions. Its operation is easy, with one-button functionality and a non-slip grip. The optics are made from water-resistant materials and can withstand foggy or rainy days while providing clear images. With an ergonomic shape, the product offers a comfortable feel.

There’s also a line-of-sight mode on this model, which helps to pinpoint objects without the need for calculations or alignment making it perfect for quick object identification. Other models may have a distance scale system that needs to be set before taking measurements. With this model, the user doesn’t need to set anything before measuring distances because it calibrates automatically by just pressing the power button.

Horizontal Component Distance Line of Sight (LOS) mode When setting up a sight picture, you will measure your horizontal component distance. A line of sight (LOS) mode on a rangefinder makes aiming at an object much easier because you do not need to align the target like other models.

Astra Optix Laser rangefinder (Image credit: Amazon)

Astra Optix Laser rangefinder

Best Low Light Laser Rangefinder

The Astra Optix rangefinder is the perfect low light rangefinder for hunting, shooting, and golfing. It has ultra-fast ranging response time, angle, gun, and golf scan modes. It also features a red OLED display that can be viewed in broad daylight and at night. The ergonomic design with soft rubber armor makes it comfortable even during long periods of use, while the waterproof construction allows you to keep using it even in bad weather conditions or after coming into contact with water.

Astra Optix rangefinder is Shockproof because it’s made from sturdy plastic, handshake correction technology, and rain-repellent coating, this rangefinder is hard to break. It also includes a magnification function that lets you zoom up to 6x on your target, making it easier for you to get precise measurements without having too much trouble with accuracy.

This laser rangefinder has a distance of 1760 yards, so that you can measure distances in any setting. You will always know how far away your target is from you because of its accuracy. You will never have to guess where your target and it provide a fast 0.10-second reading time. If you’re looking for an accurate and dependable way to get long-range measurements, this might be your new favorite rangefinder.

It’s super lightweight and portable, so that you can take it anywhere. Plus, it’s made of quality Plastic material, so you don’t have to worry about breaking or scratching your range finder if you accidentally drop it. The rangefinder comes with a lifetime warranty, providing additional peace of mind when buying.

You can change the brightness of this rangefinder to increase light transmission in low light conditions or depending on the light environment you’re working in. This device includes a carry case, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and CR-2 Lithium Battery. All these great features come at an affordable price. If you’re looking for one of the best low light rangefinders available today, this should be considered.

Leupold RX-FullDraw (Image credit: Amazon)

Leupold RX-FullDraw

Best Budget Low Light Rangefinder

The Leupold is the best rangefinder for low light, with plenty of features to keep you shooting accurately and comfortably. The large viewing screen makes it easy to see your target without straining your eyes, and the HD imaging system provides a crisp image in any lighting.

The High-Performance Vision System ensures quick, accurate readings from up to 1200 yards away, and the use of day or night mode ensures that you can always find your target. It is perfect for low light conditions with a 1,200-yard range, three reticle options, and OLED displays.

The Leupold RX-FullDraw also features an extremely fast-ranging speed that makes this rangefinder one of the most accurate in its class. It has been made and designed to be weatherproof and shockproof so you can enjoy outdoor adventures without worrying about damaging factors.

Weighing only 0.73 pounds, the lightweight design makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. Finally, smart optics technology, combined with super sharp lenses and precise measurements for longer ranges ensures accuracy and precision. Overall, the Leupold is worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable rangefinder that will perform as well as high-priced models in extremely low light environments.

Sig Sauer Laser Rangefinder (Image credit: Amazon)

Sig Sauer Laser Rangefinder

Best Low Light Hunting Rangefinder

The SIG Sauer is a low light rangefinder that features Lightwave DSP Technology. It has a 6x22 mm lens with an easy-to-focus eyepiece and comes in Graphite. It includes Line-of-Sight, which shows the shooting distance on the LCD. You can toggle between meters or yards for better reading. You can also change from Line-Of-Sight to Spot Mode by simply pushing the button on the device’s left side. When you push it up to activate the spot mode, all you need to do is point your camera at any small object, and you will be able to get accurate readings within seconds.

Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect for storing in your backpack or handbag while providing accurate measurements when needed. It even includes a belt holster, so you can easily carry this without feeling burdened by its weight. There are three levels of brightness, including a night vision option. These modes offer sharp images, making them ideal for various scenarios like hunting or camping.

The rangefinder is waterproof and fog proof, and the focus adjusts quickly to meet different viewing needs. This rangefinder offers many useful features and provides clear images under most lighting conditions. If you want a light rangefinder that fits comfortably in your pocket, then the Sig Sauer is right for you. The Sig Sauer measure accurately from 1600 yards away, is multicoated, and is specially designed to keep you from feeling any eye strain from the high intensity of shooting at a target from afar.

Bushnell 6x24mm Rangefinder (Image credit: Amazon)

Bushnell 6x24mm Rangefinder

Best Bushnell Low Light Rangefinder

Bushnell’s 6x24mm Prime 1700 Black LRF Advanced Target Detection Rangefinder is one of the best low light hunting rangefinders on the market. This model was designed with a blacked-out housing, which makes it easy to use in dark or dim conditions.

The rangefinder has a magnification power of 6x and has a target detection that is up to 1,700 yards away. It also features Arc technology and scan mode for pinpoint accuracy. It includes a digital display enhanced by LEDs to ensure brighter, clearer, more accurate readings. This Low light rangefinder was made specifically for water and fog proofing, making them perfect for outdoor excursions into moist environments.

The patented Amber Dot Technology provides an illuminated center dot between your horizontal crosshairs that automatically adjust from red to amber as you angle upward from a target; this allows you to quickly identify when you are shooting uphill or downhill shots while still giving you maximum visibility at all angles. It comes with a carrying case and microfiber lens cloth to keep your lenses clean during transport.

One of the most notable aspects of this rangefinder is its lifetime warranty. Not only does Bushnell stand behind the quality of its products, but it will even replace any item that breaks due to normal wear and tear. Bushnell is also a good option if you’re looking for a high-performance vision system.

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